Major Announcement!

The Atlanta Quest Organization and Atlanta CV Indoor are excited to announce that they will combine Q2 and CVI and compete in WGI Independent Open this season.  Both groups are located within minutes of each other here in Georgia and through combined efforts are looking towards an exciting season in 2018 for their membership.  

Chris Romanowski says, " Both of our staffs and many of our members have been friends for a long time.  By combining our local talent and resources we are hoping to elevate our group to a new level of performance while delivering an exciting opportunity for students in our area." 

Atlanta CV Drum Corps is coming off an incredible summer season placing 2nd at DCA Championships. Bobby Crosby (Atlanta CV Front Ensemble) and Joseph Stephens (Atlanta CV Snare Tech/Battery Manager) will be joining the winter group in their respective roles from the summer drum corps.  Chris Romanowski (Atlanta CV Arranger/Caption Head and DCI Championship Percussion Judge) will join in a consulting role.  

Ben Smart from Q2, “We are very excited to have both CVI and Q2 staff members working together for the upcoming WGI season. We've been keeping up with CV's exciting 2017 DCA season and we thought very highly of their 2017 indoor program. 

When the opportunity to merge arose, it's a no brainer, we've got to do it!  

Every year PIO gets stronger and more competitive and with this merger, we feel we are going to be in a better place to compete with those top level PIO groups. Great things are happening and it's an awesome time to join Q2!”