Audition Process

The audition process will break down into two areas:

1. Ensemble Performance 2. Individual Evaluation

• In the ensemble environment, we will be looking for your musical mastery of the warm-up packet as well as your ability to blend, balance, and adapt. As we work through the technique program, specific explanations of approach will take place. Your ability to keep an open mind and incorporate the Atlanta Quest way of doing things into your playing will be crucial.

• If you are asked to perform for an individual evaluation, you will perform exercises from this packet as well as other basic rudimental skills. Expect to receive immediate and detailed feedback from an instructor during your individual evaluation.

Audition Tips

• The success of your performance at the audition will be directly related to the level of preparation of the audition material.
• Drum in a mirror when you practice and record yourself with some type of electronic device. Listen critically to the recording and work to perfect your performance.

• Always use a metronome, or music with a steady tempo when practicing. Be able to mark time to all material.
• Keep in mind that you are auditioning at all times. Be professional!
• Be sure to ask questions if you are confused about anything you are being asked.

• Prepare yourself to be involved in a tedious and competitive process. Your ability to
stay mentally engaged in the process throughout the audition will be crucial.
• Strive to give off a sense of confidence in your audition. Everything is a performance, from 8 on a hand to WGI finals. Convince us you are comfortable with what you’re doing.